Laser Cutting

Kaizen Engineering are industry experts in laser cutting and have become a reputable UK supplier of laser cut parts.

Our impressive 17,000 sqft facility dedicated exclusively to cutting houses two industry leading Trumpf laser cutting machines with capacity in excess of 350 hours per week.

We have the ability to cut up to 25mm thick in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and 12mm Aluminium. Kaizen also stock high strength quenched and tempered materials with tensile strength up to 1100 and hardness Brinell up to 600HB.

Laser cutting has numerous benefits and is generally the fastest type of cutting in comparison to other traditional methods, it is more energy efficient than other methods such as plasma.

Precision levels and edge quality are generally better with laser cutting compared to other methods as the laser beam will not wear during the cutting process. Kaizen can also cut complex shapes without relying on tooling, all at a similar or even faster rate than other cutting methods.

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